Hardwood Flooring

Buying The Best Hardwood Flooring

Finding The Best Hardwood Flooring

Finding the best hardwood flooring is something that is unique to each homeowner. What works for a friend of yours may or may not work for you. There might be a certain type of wood that you personally adore but someone else might not think too highly of it. It truly is different for everyone. Still, there are a couple factors that are always going to be important regardless of your personal tastes.

One thing you can start off with is figuring out exactly what you are looking for in a hardwood floor. Why do you want one? What about hardwood floors appeals to you? Asking yourself these questions will help to narrow your search for the perfect wood and design. Get more specific that, "They look good". Maybe you have allergies or asthma and want to use hardwood flooring as a great way to alleviate your issues with certain floors.

Selecting the right type of wood can be tough. So many to choose from, and almost all of them look just amazing. You might want to consider the physical differences in each wood aside from the aesthetics. For example, cherry, maple, oak, ash, walnut, and bamboo wood are all physically different in ways that might not be very apparent when just looking at them. Ask your a local expert or do some research online to get more information on what makes each type of wood unique and different. This can have a large influence on what you eventually choose for your floor.

If you have pets, this can affect your decision. Certain types of wood seem to work better with pets in the house. If you have small children you may want to also take that into account.

There are also stylistic differences that must be accounted for. Styles range for parquet to plank to strip flooring. Parquet flooring is when wood pieces are cut and laid in a way that creates some sort of design or pattern that is repeated. Plank is one of the more common styles where planks are laid down straight and tend to be wider than parquet boards. Strip is the thinnest of all three, creating a unique look, but aside of that; it is basically the same as plank.

One last thing you should think about finding the best hardwood flooring is the finish. You can get floors installed prefinished or unfinished. Unfinished floors can always have finishes applied later, while prefinished floors come with some sort of finish already done. Your installer may also provide finishing service if you purchase unfinished floors, so you should definitely ask about it.